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Standard Top Labelling Machine

Our standard top labeling machine stands out as a high-quality, versatile, and efficient labeling solution crafted for the precise application of labels to the top flat surface of a unit box, corrugated carton, or any other flat-surfaced product with ease. Products such as ice cream lids, flat plastic bags, aluminum pouches, rectangular-shaped containers, and more are also suitable to use in this machine.

Standard top labeling machine is well-suited for applying Meditag KKM hologram labels, especially for pharmaceutical products registered with the Ministry of Health (MOH). Additionally, this machine can integrate with a thermal ribbon printer for real-time Label Print & Apply of variable information. Businesses have the option to enhance functionality by adding an expiry date printer for date coding purposes.

Add these features to make the machine more functional! (Optional)

Conveyor Roller

Thermal Printer

Corner Press


Top Labeling With Thermal Transfer Printer & Auto Feeder

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