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Customized Top Labelling Machine

Introducing our Customized Top Labeling Machine, specially designed for products with uneven surfaces in your production lines. This machine efficiently applies a piece of label at the top of vegetable pillow packs, as they sit on top of the conveyor. The only variation is in the product height, while the bottom consistently remains attached to the conveyor.

This machine can integrate with an expiry date printer for efficient date coding, enhancing your labeling process. Our labeling machine is well-suited for labeling various types of vegetables, fruits, fresh produce, and more. Elevate your labeling efficiency and accuracy with our tailored solution designed for uneven surface products in diverse industries.

 Application Module:
Air Blow System
Tamp System
Add these features to make the machine more functional! (Optional)

TTO Printer

TIJ  Printer

Inkjet Printer

Barcode Scanner

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